Lulu’s Locker always needs assistance with critical aspects of our operations!


Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Helping out at our Cat Adoption Center in Frankfort, Illinois

  • Fundraising and outreach (i.e. help set up fundraisers, solicit for auction donations and corporate sponsorship)

  • Transportation (i.e. animal transport, vet visits, dropping off supplies to foster homes)

  • IT support

Please fill out this volunteer application to get started! You must be 18 years or older to volunteer.

"I’ve been volunteering at animal rescues for about 5 years. Why animal rescues? They need a voice. I advocate for abused, misused, homeless animals. We are a throw away society and when it comes to an animal, it makes my heart hurt. Can you imagine how they feel?

My journey so far with rescues has been rewarding. The small part I play helps. 

Volunteer today! You won’t be sorry. You will be helping an animal have a great life!"

— Ellen, Volunteer

Volunteers 2.jpg

Our favorite part of volunteering at the Cat Center is socializing.


After our initial “Hi, kitties,” and quick pets, we get to cleaning the house: washing dishes, cleaning litter boxes, sweeping, shaking out rugs, de-furring cat perches, changing linens…


All quite rewarding, and, dare I say, FUN when there are kitties rubbing against our legs as we work!


We hope you take the leap and volunteer, too. It’s so rewarding and fun!

— Geoff and Pat, Volunteers