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Surrendering Your Pet


Are there any resources (food, medical, behavioral or training) that could be provided so you could keep your pet? Please let us know at


If you adopted your pet from a rescue or shelter, contact them first as many organizations welcome their animal back.

It is best to get your pet spay/neutered and fully vaccinated. If this is something you are unable to do, please reach out to us for help. Make a list for the new owner of everything important about your pet. Make sure dogs have a collar and leash. Provide cats their litter box and scratching posts to help with transition.

  • Places to list your pet for adoption: Share on social media with friends and family as well as on neighborhood group pages. Post Flyers locally. Adopt a Pet has an online adoption site for owners:

  • Making a Match: Ask questions to make sure your pet and the potential adopter are a match. Be sure to get their contact information and an address. You can ask for personal references to call. Make sure you are honest and transparent about any of your pet’s needs or history. If you have any questions about adoption processes, please let us know.

Reaching Out to Shelters and Rescues

If you would like to continue to reach out to animal organizations, here is some information that should be included in the email:

  • Name and physical description of your pet

  • Age

  • Medical status- vaccinated? Spay/Neutered? Chronic conditions?

  • Personality- Good with other animals? Kids? People?

  • Any behavioral challenges

  • Photos- Multiple, clear photos as possible


Animal Friendly Rental Apartments and Houses in Cook County, IL

Safe Haven Network – facilitates safe emergency boarding for pets from domestic violence situations.


Anti-Cruelty Society’s Behavior Hotline:  


If you live in Chicago, Chicagoland Rescue and Intervention & Support Program (CRISP) may be able to help with financial resources for your pet.

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