Meet Lulu's Crew

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Dawn Isenhart-Copp

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Mike Copp

Treasurer & Co-Founder

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Erin Lamparter

Vice President & Co-Founder

Erin began rescuing and caring for wildlife and stray animals as a child in her neighborhood. Inevitably she continued rescuing and advocating for animals, and reducing their suffering is central to her daily life. She worked at a Chicago-based no-kill cat shelter for four years before

co-founding Lulu's in 2011. Lulu's alum, Sidney, currently resides with Erin, dispelling the myths about black, FIV cats to all who meet her.


Lucy Pigati


Gina Romano

Board Member

Gina has always had a passion for animals growing up. When she first joined Lulu’s, she fostered mom cats and kittens. She is an advocate for FIV+ cats. She adopted two cats from Lulu’s, Oreo and Moose. Her husband, Joe, adopted Lulu’s alums Thunder and Lightning (bonded black kittens) before they were married. They blended their families and then welcomed their next Lulu’s family member, Storm, to their family. He keeps everyone smiling.