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Let's Keep It in the Box 

One of the most stressful things you can go through with your kitty is having accidents outside the box.

The most important first step is to rule out any medical reasons. Taking your kitty to the veterinarian is the very first step!

After medical is ruled out, refer to some of the steps below to make sure your kitty is comfortable with their litter and litter box placement.

Other helpful tips

  • Type of Litter- There are many different types and textures of litter. You can purchase a few different brands and let your cat choose with one works best.

  • Litter Box- Some cats will be okay with covered boxes, but others prefer uncovered. An inexpensive alternative to traditional litter boxes is a drywall mud pan which you can find at most home improvements stores.

  • Some senior cats will prefer litter boxes that have lower sides so they can get into them easier.

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