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Interested in fostering?

We cannot rescue animals without having foster homes in place. We need your help!


Open intake facilities euthanize thousands of healthy and friendly animals each year due to limited holding space! Foster parents maximize the number of animals rescued, giving us time to find permanent homes for many wonderful dogs and cats. YOU can serve as our most critical resource, by providing a safe, loving, temporary home for a cat or a dog in need! 


Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Cheech.jpg a little bit of fostering. It began with giving dogs a safe calm place to recover post surgery (before they went to their forever home). I loved it! 

When I started at Lulu's Locker Rescue, I fostered Cheech - a sweet, shy Chihuahua that came out of his shell within days! As we ate dinner he would...bounce around on his back legs...hoping for a morsel.


He went to a young couple who adored him from day one. I’m sure he is sitting on one of their shoulders cuddling up!


-Ellen, Volunteer


I feel so blessed to have Lulu’s in my life for so many reasons! They embody animal welfare...I have had the honor to foster five fabulous kittens (now thriving with adopters) and become a Lulu’s adopter myself! 

-Rachel, Volunteer and Foster Parent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify as a foster parent?

If you’re an animal lover (18+ years old) who can provide a safe, loving, temporary indoor home for a cat or dog in need, you are welcome to apply to become a foster parent.

Why are foster parents needed?

Our primary goal is to find loving, permanent homes for each animal we rescue!


We have a Cat Adoption Center in Frankfort (click here to learn more) that houses a handful of available cats - but it is not large enough to be able to accommodate ALL of Lulu's animals. So additional cats, kittens, and dogs rescued by Lulu's team are placed in residential foster homes. 

Foster animals often come from difficult situations - and restoring their confidence and trust is an important step in helping them re-learn how to be tolerant, loving, and responsive. Animals that learn to bond and be confident in a foster home are able to do so in a new home again!

I already have animals in my home - can I still foster?

Yes! But before you consider fostering, consult your veterinarian to make sure your own animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations and that they don’t need any additional vaccinations prior to welcoming another animal into your household.

What animal is right for me?

We will work closely with you to ensure a foster animal fits well in your home environment.

What do I need to provide for the animal?

The foster animal is required to have adequate food, water, and shelter at all times. Each situation and animal is unique, therefore the length of time the animal resides in foster care will vary. Lulu’s Locker can cover dry food, litter, litter boxes, and medical care costs, unless the foster parent is able and willing to contribute to and donate such expenses. If the animal needs medical attention while in foster care, we will work with you to get the necessary care the animal needs.

Where do Lulu’s Locker animals come from?

Once we have a confirmed foster home, Lulu’s Locker will rescue a cat or dog from an open admissions shelter, municipal shelter, or another urgent situation. The animal is then vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered to ensure a safe transition into your foster home. Either Lulu’s Locker staff or the current foster parent will transport the animal to the new foster home.

How does the foster animal find a permanent home?

The entire time the animal is in foster care, we work to find him or her a permanent home as soon as possible! Foster parents work with us in order for the animals to be listed on social media and online, including Facebook, Instagram,,, and more. When a potential adopter has been approved, we then schedule a visit for the adopter to meet the animal at the foster parent’s home (or we arrange for a virtual visit).

Can I try to find a home for my foster animal on my own?

Yes! We love when foster parents find homes for their foster animals!

If I fall in love, can I adopt my foster animal?

Yes, of course! Foster parents adopt many of our animals.

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