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Lulu's Forever Crew

Adopting out senior animals is part of our mission but sometimes, due to a terminal diagnosis or advanced medical needs, our animals become hospice/forever fosters. 

Lulu's continues to cover the costs of care for these animals for whatever time they have left. Some of these forever fosters are with us for a short time, but others show their resilience and are with us for years.


Lulu's Forever Crew includes the animals who remain in our care for the remainder of their lives AND the people who choose to support them. 


Monthly sponsors of our Lulu's Forever Crew receive special updates about our Forever Crew animals.


Your donations cover the cost of medications, treatments, prescription foods, or anything else these animals need throughout their lives. 

Join The Forever Crew!

Meet The Forever Crew


Frito Pie

Frito Pie is around 9 years old.  He joined Lulu's Crew in June of 2023.   After successfully being treated for Heartworm we decided to have a fluid pocket checked out as it seemed to bother him.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a cancerous Mast Cell tumor. 

In March of 2024 Frito Pie had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as was possible and he has been placed on a maintenance treatment of chemotherapy and prednisone. 

Frito Pie is the most patient, gentle dog and has been a great friend to the resident chihuahua and a constant rotation of foster dogs. 

He enjoys all snacks and sitting awkwardly close to his foster mom.

Frito Pie is being Forever Fostered by Lucy and Ben.


Drew Brees

Drew Brees is around 14 years old. He originally joined Lulu's Crew in July of 2019 and was adopted that same month.

In November of 2022 we were contacted by a shelter who said Drew Brees had been surrendered to them.  We immediately made plans to bring him back into Lulu's Crew.

We brought Drew Brees to the vet and we learned that he had a mass on his liver, a heart murmur, and general weakness.  Due to his health and his advanced age we thought it would be best to keep him in the foster he was used to. 

Drew Brees is being Forever Fostered by Janice.

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