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Since 2011, Lulu's has Rescued over 1,00

We shatter stereotypes.


  • Black animals can be overlooked for adoption because they are perceived as "unfriendly" or "bad luck".

  • Only 25% of senior dogs (age 7 and older) get adopted from animal shelters. Senior animals are some of the first to be euthanized when shelters run out of room. (1)

  • FIV+ cats can have the same lifespan as FIV- cats and can cohabitate with FIV- cats without spreading the virus. (2)



Lulu's Locker Rescue brings to light the plight of black cats and dogs and senior/hospice animals in shelters as well as the misconceptions surrounding FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) in cats.


We aim to lower the euthanasia rate of these animals by educating the public and providing foster care as we seek out permanent homes. We are committed to the protection of the misjudged and wrongly stereotyped through compassion and respect, which we believe both animals and human beings deserve.


Lulu's Locker Rescue is based out of Frankfort, IL. We rescue cats and dogs in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


Visit the Cat Adoption Center page here

Lulu’s Locker Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Guinness and Tom 1.jpg

We were looking for a feline companion for our senior dog, and Lulu's team helped us find the right fit within a couple weeks! They made the adoption process so easy, and the team members were so friendly. We will definitely be adopting from Lulu's again in the future - and we've been recommending the rescue to everyone we know!

-Tom Santoyo

We saw a Facebook post about Mama Maria. She was down in Louisiana and Lulu’s Locker was in the process of getting her to the Chicago area. We immediately fell in love with her sweet face! We had lost our 10 year-old Golden Riley (that we had adopted in 2014) in November and thought we were not ready, but decided we really wanted to give Maria a home. And our Carin Terrier, Maggie, really missed the companionship - so that made the decision easier. From the start the adoption process was thorough and professional - everyone we dealt with at Lulu’s was fantastic! Dawn brought Maria to meet our family, and Maria immediately adapted and has become a wonderful addition to our family. 

-Mike + Annie Smith



(1) Bershadker, Matt (2018, November 26). Four Reasons to Open Your Minds to Older Pets. ASPCA.

(2) (2016). Feline Immunodeficieny Virus (FIV). Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

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