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We do our best to place each animal in a home where it can happily remain for the rest of its life. Our process generally takes around a week, but will range between 3-14 days depending on the circumstances of each adoption. Everything we do in our process is exclusively to benefit the animals in our care. We encourage you to read through our entire process before applying. 

Before meeting any of our animals, we require that you first complete an adoption application:


Please note: You must be 25 years or older and living in the Chicagoland area to adopt from Lulu's Locker Rescue – thank you for understanding!

After your application has been received:


After you complete our application one of our adoption processors will review your application.  They will contact your personal references, veterinary references, and verify landlord and housing regulations, if applicable.  If your situation is appropriate for the animal(s) indicated on the application, an adoption processor will call you to discuss your application.


After your application screening is completed we will put you in contact with the animal’s foster home, or an adoption center volunteer.  The process for dog, cat, and adoption center adoptions will be slightly different.


Applications are generally processed in the order they are received, but if we receive a large number of applications for a single animal within a short period of time, we will prioritize those applicants that we feel have the best potential to be a good match for that animal.  The best fit for each animal is our number one priority in all cases.




CAT IN FOSTER: We will put you in contact with the cat’s foster home via an introduction email. You and the foster will schedule a time for a video call to see and learn more about the cat you are interested in.


CAT AT ADOPTION CENTER:  We will put you in contact with an adoption center volunteer via an introduction email. The volunteer will be able to answer any questions you have about our cats at the adoption center and will be able to set up an appointment for you to come meet them. 


DOG IN FOSTER:  We will put you in contact with the dog’s foster home via an introduction email. You and the foster will schedule a time for a video call to see and learn more about the dog you are interested in. After the call, an in-person meeting can be scheduled.




If the adopter and Lulu’s Locker Rescue agree that the pet in question is a good fit, we will move forward with scheduling the 3-Day Trial Adoption Period.  The transfer of the animal can occur no sooner than 24 hours after notifying our adoptions manager that the adoption will move forward.  Our foster agreement must be signed by the potential adopter before we can transfer the animal.  Our foster home will check on the animal daily during this period.


The trial adoption is not designed to be a complete introduction of the adoptive animal and the resident animals as this process can take weeks.  It is designed to be an extended meet-and-greet period for the potential adopter to decide if they wish to add this animal to their family and complete the introductions over the appropriate and safe timeline.




The adoption will be completed over the phone using DocHub an e-signature software.  We will go over the entire contents of the adoption contract before asking the adopter to finalize the adoption.  The animal’s medical records will be provided at this time.  This phone call takes around 45 minutes.

Adoption Donations:

Cat: $85

Dog: $200

You will ALWAYS have support from us - even after the adoption process is complete! We invite you to contact us any time with questions or concerns at

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