The Hot Mess Express



Friendship is a gift, and the bonds formed in rescue are amazing especially when it leads to a collaboration to save more animals.

A new program started with a dog named Charlie, who was pretty much what’s called in the rescue world a “Hot Mess”. Sarah Lauch from the Live Like Roo Foundation and Dawn

Isenhart-Copp & Lisa Iverson from Lulu’s Locker Rescue decided to combine both

organizations’ resources to help him. That led to us collaborating on a few more dogs.

The dogs were “euthanasia requested by owner” or “untreatable testicular cancer” and so on.

What we have found is that these dogs DO have a life to live, and they just need a chance. So, we welcome them to The Hot Mess Express. We give them love and we give them life.

We are so excited to have more animals aboard The Hot Mess Express. CHOOOOO CHOOOOOO!